My Dylan Post (with vague reference to NDNs)

Typical: I’ve been poking around here this morning because I woke up early and didn’t have to rush and now I want to leave in about 20 minutes and I still need to comb my hair and completely get ready from scratch.

I finished the Bob Dylan book yesterday: Chronicles. Volume One.

I’m not a Dylan fan which isn’t to say that I dislike him, only that I never voluntarily spent time with his music so I only know things that have been on the radio or TV or whatever.

I loved the book, the way he writes, the way his mind works. I started marking some pages with quotes I wanted to include here and then when I went back to check the marked pages, half the time I couldn’t figure out what passage I’d intended.

Here are a few:

He describes a guy, “he looked like a riverboat gambler.” [p. 63]

“If you have to lie, you should do it quickly and as well as you can.”

He and Bono have this discussion which includes something about the birthplace of America. They were talking about Vikings and Minnesota in the 1300s. [pp. 174-175] I’m sure my rant here is predictable. We’ll leave it at that.

RE: Rappers (he admired what they were doing)
“They were beating drums, tearing it up, hurling horses over cliffs.” [p.219]

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