Moving Part 2

On Friday we decided to go ahead with the move on Sunday and give the bird to the oppressive rules of the condo association. There are reasons why this wasn’t a great idea but we had to get this done.

Then, about midday, I was informed that the new building would let us move in on Monday I went back to all my phone calls to reschedule for Monday. The mover informed me that all his trucks were scheduled. Now what? He said we could pay a truck rental fee and he could put together a crew for us. Whew. Dodged that one. Everything was back on track for the Monday move.

Closer to the end of the day I was informed that we couldn’t move into the new building until after 3pm. So AGAIN I have to call everyone and reschedule the move time. Keep in mind that I still had an actual job to do, other moving type arrangements to make and packing 13 years of a law practice. Also keep in mind that Friday is normally a day off for me.

Monday rolls around. I drove to the office at 7am to work on packing. The movers show up at 1pm. Moving always takes longer and is much worse than you expect and this time was no different.

We arrived at the new building at around 5pm and the loading dock was occupied by the people who are remodeling the office space that we’re moving into. My office isn’t ready yet. Also, when I entered the building the security officer informed me that the freight elevator was broken.

If I hadn’t already vented considerably via my tear ducts at various points during the week, I probably would have lost it completely at this point.

A guy fiddled with the elevator and got it working again but we still had to wait for the remodel crew to finish up.

We were finally able to get in there and we worked like mad and I got out of there at 8pm. I can’t remember the last time I was that tired.

Bob had a nice dinner waiting for me which I ate as quickly as I could, whining like a little kid, “I’m so tired.” I staggered off to bed because Tuesday would be my first day of work at my new office.

More to come.

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