Moving Part 1

I know, I STILL haven’t had a chance to update all this stuff. It’s becoming like my writing notebook on a trip. I’m so behind I don’t even want to start. I’m going to try to give you a brief version.

I have had the same job for 13 years. In fact, tomorrow is the 13 year anniversary. We’ve always worked out of a small residential condo on the river and the entire staff has ranged between 2 and 3 people, including me. There were lots of days when I was all by myself.

In the very beginning, I wasn’t always pleased with this as I had just moved here and had no friends and lived alone and then went to work alone and I felt like loner hermit girl. But eventually I grew to like it — turns out I thrive on alone time.

About 3 years ago there was discussion about merging with a larger law firm. I didn’t hate the idea but to be honest, I didn’t really want to do it. Since then we’ve been on and off whether this was going to happen culiminating last month with a “this is absolutely happening in February” and when I’d finally gotten used to the idea there was a day or two period of “this is absolutely off” followed by a “it’s on and we’re moving this Saturday.”

So to sum: a lot of change being swung back and forth.

We didn’t move that Saturday but we looked at the calendar and February wasn’t a good month for me to move since I had weekend activities so we finally decided on Mon Feb 21 since our clients take the federal holiday and it would be minimally disruptive to them and we could get the move done before March.

So I made a bunch of phones calls: movers, phones (there were additional complications with moving the phones which I won’t go into but required at least 10 phone calls), their office, our building management. Everything was set.

On Weds of last week, I was informed that the building didn’t permit move-ins on the weekdays. (For the record I did ask MORE THAN ONCE if there were any special rules about moving in I should know about.) Since the movers were still available Sunday I decided to cancel my plans and try to do the move on Sunday. I made all my phone calls to reschedule everything and then learned that the building we were in would not schedule a move out on a Sunday. (It’s a residential place, apparently the residents don’t want people moving on Sunday — I don’t know.) As of Thursday night we had phone calls into both managers hoping to plea for some sort of exception.

There’s more to this story which I will get to later but I’ve got to get moving now if I have a hope of getting to work on time.

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