I Explain Nature

This morning was nice and sunny and I thought it might be a good day to do some garden stuff. We had our trees pruned this week. Chuck normally comes in January to do the apple tree in the backyard but last year he had a back injury and somehow we fell through the cracks. Meanwhile, there was that 10 star ice storm last winter and as I understand nature, our apple tree panicked, thinking its days might be numbered it produced about 10 trillion apples which meant sagging branches. A major one broke and has dangled ever since because we are too lame to deal with it. (I even said this on the message I left for Chuck so that when he arrived, he’d know we know we’re lame. I did mention that we’re good at other things.)

I also asked him to check out the tree in front, which I, based on my limited botanical knowledge (read: none), have designated as an “ornamental cherry.” I thought it could use some shaping. He worked on them both and they look fantastic (as much as a pruned tree in winter can look.)

We need to put the debris into the bins for garden waste pick up and if you go at the pruning waste with clippers you can fit a lot more in. Plus I need to whack back my roses b/c the lady in the Oregonian said you should so that around now.

These were the things I had planned for the day. HOWEVER, I needed to finish reading my book (Straight Man, thanks Hannah) and of course, it always takes longer to read the last 100 pages than you think it will so at 12:30 pm I was still in bed reading, my yoga practice long abandoned.

At some point the sun disappeared. I opened the shades so I could read better. When I was about 10 pages from the end I heard the rain fall. I looked out to make sure that’s what was happening and yup, cold drippy rain.

I’m dressed now in my garden clothes, just in case things clear up and I can work out there later. But Bob already has been out there AND I have fresh Buffy in the DVD so you take your bets on how this afternoon is going to turn out.

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