Grumpy Lady Speaks

There was an article in the Oregonian living section recently that was so stupid you wished you had the 3 minutes it took to scan the article back. (And speaking of wishing you had time back, have you ever wished you could have the 5 minutes back that it took to watch the trailer of a movie? This happened to me recently when I saw the trailer for a movie that was something about Winn-Dixie, a lovable little scamp of a dog and a wide-eyed adorable child who bring joy back to their small town or some crap like that.)

But back to my curmudgeonly assessment of this stupid article. The article was about 20-somethings living downtown in the trendy district in condo-buildings with a lifestyle that’s just like dorms only it’s grownups. They run around between condos organizing happy hours, TV watching parties, dinner parties, and mocked if they don’t open the door for social time. Those poor kids. What kind of fecking 20 somethings can afford to buy a $300K condo by themselves in the first place? That’s what I want to know. Yeah, poor things, losing sleep because they’re too busy socializing. Let me collect myself. I’ve got a tissue. Now I can continue.

The article mentions “observers” who see this lifestyle as an attempt to stave off adulthood (huh?) vs. others who view all this partying as a positive thing creating communities.

When I was in my 20’s I went out about 6 nights a week, seeing bands on the Sunset Strip. Was I staving off adulthood? Was I building a community? Shit-howdy: I was having a good time. Who wouldn’t? Where’s the article about me? Oh yeah, we got a movie.

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