Cheeze Pop

Do you ever find yourself liking an especially cheesy pop song?

There was a stupid Hillary Duff song something about the rain coming down that I would involuntarily hum along with when it came on the radio. And a generation earlier was a Backstreet Boys song about how I want it that way that I’d sing to in the car. And then the generation before that there was a Spice Girls song that I’d nod my head to. I like sugary, thumpy pop-songs, what can I say? 80’s heavy metal and cheesy pop songs. I’m not even being ironic.

I like some good stuff too, like Paul Westerberg and Bob Mould.

Recently there’s been a cheesy pop song on the radio and I was horrified to learn that it was by one of those dreadful American Idol people. After all I’ve admitted, I was ashamed by American Idol.

[Every time I run the blogger spell check it gives me one word: “undefined” I don’t think it works. Why do none of bloggers special features work for me?]

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