Too Much Beets

In the NY Times this week Nigella had a recipe for beet soup for one. It had beets, broth, ginger and lemon and you put it in the blender.

Other than being very pink, I think beets are the perfect food and I was dying to try out this simple recipe.

When I was at the market I focused on: “Don’t get pickled beets. Don’t get pickled beets.”

This apparently backfired as when I went to prepare the soup, I had a can of pickled beets. “Well, I love pickled beets,” I reasoned and made the soup anyway.

I think I used too much ginger and the ginger and pickled part blended to create a ultra-tangey and basically inedible blend of brilliant red soup. I tried. I ate about half a bowl. But it was really yicky.

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