Fishing Families

You know, I never write about stuff like this.

But this terrible thing happened with the tsunami and it’s been bothering me because whenever something bad happens I never know what to do and I feel weird doing what everyone else is doing and I end up doing nothing and it feels bad.

So with the tsunami it seems that the logical thing, since it’s not realistic for me to go to Thailand or Sri Lanka and build roads, or dig irrigation ditches, or pass out food, would be to donate money. And I don’t want to go into a long thing about why I’m uncomfortable donating to the “big” relief organizations — who I am sure do a lot of good. I have my reasons. And I’ve been driving around in quiet moments, feeling like a loser because we have so much, like a warm, dry place to live and good food to eat–yet I’ve done nothing to help this disaster.

I subscribe to a fisherman type mailing list at the office and they sent out a notice about helping this organization. It was covered in the Juneau Empire here. And here’s a quote:

AMSEA is taking donations for the relief effort in this area and wiring money directly to NAFSO. This aid will get to fishermen's families sooner than large relief organizations can. NAFSO will be able to spend it on what their needs actually are on the ground, and there will be no indirect costs. Every dollar donated will be forwarded to NAFSO for their relief work.

I did a bit of checking up and felt good about donating here and mailed my check off right away. At least I did something.

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