We have this one file at the office. It’s a tiny matter which produced an endless blizzard of paper. Actually I should say it still produces a blizzard of paper.

When the matter first started, I kept shoving the filing in one file, expecting that any moment we would be done with this matter. It became this giant, awkward thing that I began to loathe the sight of. Finally, in summer of 2003, I relented and opened a new file and I’ve actually opened a third file since then and I archived the stupid fat file.

For some reason, every time this matter comes up again, my colleague digs the stupid fat file out of the archives and then puts the new papers in it and puts it on my desk as if to say, “Hey, make a new file.”

I found it in filing again yesterday. I put it back in the archive with a note that said: “We’ve had a new file on this since July, 2003. If I find this on my desk again I’m poking your eyes out.”

Never say I’m not clear in my communications.

Updated to add: About a week after I posted this colleague came out to my desk and said, “Which file are you talking about?”

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