How Not To Forget

I study yoga with two different teachers at two different studios. I alternate buying a classcard from one and then the other. One I like because we focus on deepening our practice and the other I like because we focus on a more challenging practice. In a perfect world it would be fun to do one of each class every week but coming home so late twice a week is a little much. Each yoga studio has a slightly different routine, location, parking, time, etc. The studio I’m going to right now asks me to bring my own mat.

Normally, I keep my extra mat in my car. (You know you’re a real yogini when you keep a mat in your car.) However, for whatever reason I didn’t have it in the car and during the first half of December between holiday and trip preparations, I totally forgot my mat twice.

The second time I borrowed a mat that smelled like something died on it.

I will not be forgetting my mat tonight.

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