Take That, FM Hazel Dell

I have a number of blogs I read on a regular basis. I’m going to make a list hopefully before we go on vacation. But I know what’s it’s like to someone doesn’t post for awhile — but geez, even doing a half-assed job at blogging takes a lot of time. I’ve been trying to get the rest of this CREEM magazine stuff together forever but I’m working on the holiday newsletter and actually doing some creative writing so the blog suffers … .

Today I’m going to tell you about pit juice as in underarm product. I have a particular product I use by Tom’s of Maine and it’s the only thing I will use. It’s not the plain deodorant which clearly doesn’t work and is not better than nothing. It’s the anti-perspirant & deodorant. One time I needed a refill and Bob couldn’t find it so he bought some regular brand in its “aloe vera” version since that sounded half natural and I swear after I used it I couldn’t get my armpits wet in the shower. Sorry, but I don’t think it’s healthy to have completely dry armpits. (I know, isn’t this a swell topic?)

Last time I needed my product I ordered it from Fred Meyer and for reasons I don’t understand it took about 2 months for the order to come through and at the end I was rolling a dry canister under my arms in pure desperation. This time I gave myself a good headstart and I brought in my bottle to the health products counter so we’d have all the correct product numbers and apparently that gal took my info and went on the never-ending coffee break because a month later when I check on the progress of my order: no one knew nothing.

I started all over and then checked in a couple of weeks ago and we seemed to be on track so then I checked again last week and the lady said that there was a huge display and why didn’t I just buy it from the huge display? Well, I checked the huge display and my stuff wasn’t there and at this point the huge display wasn’t even there anymore. “Sure it is,” she says, “I’ll show you.” And we march over to the huge display: but it’s not there any more. It’s gone. Completely gone along with the gallons of mythical product that I want. She checks in the back and swears she will call me with the info on my product.

No call.

This morning I logged into Toms of Maine.com and ordered 3 bottles. It should be here by the end of the week. Eff Fred Meyer, Hazel Dell.

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