When Things Don’t Work As They Should Part II

This started out as a story about how a recipe I used didn’t work. The Oregonian ran a recipe for “Perfect Apple Pie” which I had to try. I’d give you a link but I don’t see it on the archive. You can check here if you want to look yourself.

The recipe calls for 9 cups of apples (about 9 apples) to be sliced and mixed with the sugar and spices up to 12 hours in advance so that they soften and relax and you cram more apple into the pie. The crust part is a vinegar crust that says it makes 3 crusts and you can freeze the rest.

I did the apple part yesterday morning and I didn’t measure the apples, I sliced 9 apples, stirred them up and put them aside. Last night I made the crust and first I didn’t have enough shortening so I made up the rest with butter. I guess given the measurements I should have figured out that 1 crust equals one top or one bottom but not both a top and a bottom. But it didn’t seem logical to me to give a crust recipe for a two crust pie that made three crusts. The problem was apparent when I rolled out a fraction of my dough and had to work it into a paper thin sheet to make it fit in the pie pan.

I learned long ago not to let pie making frighten me so I made it work and then started to pile my vat of sliced apples into the pan. I guess I was supposed to use 9 Hobbit apples. My pie was loaded and I still had tons of apples left. I had figured out that the dough was screwed up and I didn’t want to freeze one pie crust and I didn’t have enough for two complete pies so I got an idea.

Erin told me a story about making a pie in a situation where not many pie making tools were available. (“So I figured a vodka bottle will work as a rolling pin …”.) She didn’t have a pie pan so she used a corningware. I pulled out my smallest dish. Rolled more dough and dumped my remaining apples in there. Made tops for both my pies and voila! Pie and mini-pie.

Now the part that doesn’t work is why my pictures always look so crappy on my website. I tried to use my new Photoshop skills and save for the web for faster downloading and use a trick to try to make my pies look magical: I don’t think I succeeded:

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