A Big Plate of Everything

Tuesday we had clients meet at the office at 9am so it was critical that I be on time. I left the house at 8:00 – an hour is certainly enough time to drive 11.5 miles except there was an accident on I-5 SB at the I-84 interchange and there was only one lane open so I didn’t roll through the door until 9:05am. Tuesday is yoga day so I didn’t get home until after 9pm. I ended up skipping breakfast because of the morning snafu and dinner because of class.

Wednesday I got an early start because I took my car in for service and then I skipped dinner again because I did a workshop in the evening. I didn’t intend to skip dinner I just forgot to bring extra food with me and I didn’t want to stop for food. It’s a Pam thing – I don’t like fast food and didn’t want to deal with working out an alternative. Missing a meal didn’t seem like a big tragedy and I found a few carrot sticks leftover from lunch to take the place of an actual meal. I didn’t get home until almost 10pm last night.

Two long days in a row and lots of skipped meals. I can’t believe I’m now the kind of person who can skip meals. There was a day when I couldn’t go two hours without shoving food in my mouth. (Except for the time I was sleeping.)

This used to be an actual issue or could you call it a condition? with me and I used to attend a group with other people with eating issues. Lots of people have problems with eating in the middle of the night. This is one problem I have never had.

It would never occur to me, upon waking in the night, to go and find something to eat. I don’t even like to eat very late. Back in my days as a hipster, late-night club crawler (okay, so I was never “hip”). I occasionally hung out with people who wanted to stop at Denny’s or this other place downtown that I can’t remember the same of: Gorky’s? (I’m talking about Los Angeles). I never wanted to eat then.

In the morning I was fine with staggering over to Café 50’s (Sherman Oaks) and getting the hangover plate of greasy potatoes, runny eggs and buttery toast. But eating right late at night. Not for me.

After skipping all these meals I’ve been waiting for the burst of hunger to make up for what I missed and it didn’t hit until 11:30am. Now I’m starving for a big plate of everything.

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