And I Thought I Had Nothing To Say

You know, sometimes several days go by when I loathe even the sight of my computer. I don’t want to sit here even long enough to read the latest email. It’s been like that this week. Generally I end up blogging after having a couple of refreshing adult beverages and I haven’t been into the adult beverages much since it’s cold and beer is less interesting, (not out of the picture by any means, only less interesting) and the bottle of wine I bought this week was total swill and I had only about 1 glass and had a total “I need pizza” hangover the next morning. I’m guessing beverage influence explains why when I read my posts later to see how they sound there’s always an incoherent aside or an egregious homonym error or an overall “how many points am I trying to make” loopiness. I am completely sober at this moment.

Here are a few notes about my week: (1) My latest disc of Angel was not premium. That show did lose it in the middle of season 4. Dragging talking head episodes with never-ending fights and Cordy turning into a bad guy. Snore. I still watched it all and the one stingy little extra so far which was a humdrum commentary by a director and producer guy. Meanwhile, Lost keeps getting better and I will admit to watching Desperate Housewives as my guilty pleasure. (2) Yesterday I finally vacuumed – yay. (3) Bob got me into Get Fuzzy. We got a book which I inhaled in about 3 days, even staying up late to read “just a few more pages.” I love Bucky. (4) Last night I did a yoga workshop with Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten which was fantastic. They are amazing teachers. (5) At the moment I’m reading a YA book by Peter Dickinson who is a fantastic writer. I read Eva several years and I still think about it. The one I’m reading now is The Ropemaker.

(6) I was in bed reading the book several hours ago when I noticed that the sun was out and it seemed foolish to sit indoors on my ass when this might be the sun’s last appearance on a weekend day until some bone-chilling ugly day in December so I put on old jeans and ran outside and pulled up the last of the cosmos and dug up a few weeds. I lost my weed fork – they almost always turn up later but it’s been several weeks so I can only assume that it went in the garden refuse. I wonder how many garden implements they get because I’ve lost a number that way. I bought a new, fancy weed fork and it’s crap. It’s somehow smaller and flimsier and total crap. Remember the olden days when things were more expensive but not so crappy? I also finally dug up two rose bushes. I’ve been threatening to do it for some time and gave them plenty warning but they did not improve. Their crime: being ugly. They grew giant long skinny branches and in the spring they’d bloom a teeny bit with wispy red flowers that drooped towards the dirt. Then they’d never bloom again, only shooting green scratchy branches. They’re gone now. I need to plant some more stuff there right away or I never will and I’ll be one of those people with scary yard with 1 or 2 plants and tons of bark dust. ooh: pretty. As I worked I could see black roiling clouds moving my way and heard a few choice cracks of thunder. I hurried. When I felt the first few drops I moved most of my stuff in but I still had a hoe in my hands to do “one more thing.” Bob came out to ask me something and the sky broke open and we had to run for it. It went from 0 to 60 in about a half minute.

(7) I bought clothes at Ann Taylor Loft and I think I’ve finally evolved out of my: black-grey-black theme. I bought brown. I know, personal growth is exciting. I also bought something pink. Seriously. It’s not barbie-pink, it’s darker. I’m sure there’s some fashion type name for it like: blush or conch, I couldn’t tell you. But I will be wearing a pink sweater with weird tie-things on it. It’s so not me. (I just looked to see if Crayola had a name for my pink and found this website with the history of crayon colors. The Internet has everything.)

(8) Wow, I thought I had nothing to say and look at all this yammering. We’re off to see Hero.

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