Kelly’s Mom Doesn’t Want to Be Embarrassed

Kelly and family planned to visit Mom for her birthday. As they loaded the car they got a call that Mom had some sort of episode and was in the hospital. They briefly panicked and wondered if Kelly should fly down or what? They finished loading the car and drove all night to get to California.

When they arrived, Mom was fine. She was shopping at well known grocery chain when her vision blurred. She alerted a fellow Shopper of the problem and the shopper immediately prepared to call 911. “No,” said Mom.

“No?” said Kelly. (As she listened to this story.) “No,” Mom said, “It would be too embarrassing.”

The Shopper got the Store Manager and explained the situation and he suggested calling 911. Mom said, “No.” Mom asked Store Manager to phone a friend. He ended up calling several friends but that went nowhere so she convinced him to dig out her insurance card and make an appointment with her doctor.

[At this point I’m telling Kelly, jeez, what was this Store Manager thinking? Surely there would be legal ramifications if something bad happened. Kelly says, “You don’t know my Mom.”]

But before her appointment, Mom wanted to finish shopping. Recall her vision was blurred and she was basically blind for the moment. They put her in a drivable cart and she couldn’t see squat to shop and proceeded to bump into displays and not find what she was looking for.

She wouldn’t let anyone give her a ride. They had to get someone to drive her in her car to the Doctor and then get a ride back.

The doctor took one look at her and called 911 to get her admitted to the hospital. Mom was annoyed with the paramedics because, “They didn’t know anything” and asked her the same questions. She exacted revenge by peeing in the ambulance. Fortunately, she wasn’t embarrassed.

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