Kelly’s Vacation from Hell Part II

Kelly and Dan enjoyed an excellent vacation except the part where their daughter was sick most of the time. Then it was time to go home. When they checked in at the airport they made the sorry discovery that Kelly’s driver’s license expired during the trip. Oregon is doing some new ID thing starting this month so in Kelly’s mind she had until October. Needless to say the airport hadn’t the slightest interest in Oregon’s new program or the fact that Kelly hadn’t substantially changed during the course of the trip other than brutally destroying her diaper bag.

Everything gets stamped: NO ID. Airline personnel offer to escort her through security. Her in-laws have dropped them off before parking. She asks, “Can I just say good-bye?”

The ever understanding Security Lady says, “I can take you now otherwise you can wait for my convenience.” Kelly gets ready to go. Just then her Mother-in-law comes in and says, “Oh no, not again.” Security Lady visibly flinches. Kelly gets extra special treatment one click this side of a strip search.

When she arrives back in Portland, the car has a flat tire. She needs a vacation from her vacation.

Stay tuned for the last chapter of Kelly’s vacation.

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