4 Things

I’m ready for sleep so I’m going to make this quick.

1 – you should be watching LOST. It’s a great new show. ABC is rebroadcasting the first two episodes on Saturday so set your VCR. (For those who might doubt my taste: there are no vampires. that we know of. so far.)

2 – the federal government is completely incompetent. It’s scary to think they are out there trying to help other countries organize their governments. On September 16 I ordered some Code of Federal Regulations books (“25 CFRs”) for the office. I haven’t heard anything so I called so follow up on my order. “Ma’am, that’s not in the system. It takes 4 weeks to process an order.” I said, “That’s really lame.” I mean come on. What, do they have only one guy with index cards running around the warehouse — when he’s not on vacation or on break or training? Kind of ironic that the government can manage to clear your check to the IRS the same day you mail it.

3 – sleeping. Falling asleep. Staying asleep. Remaining not asleep during the afternoon after lunch. All challenging at the moment.

4 – I finished Marc’s book last night: How I Paid for College: A Tale of Sex, Theft, Friendship and Musical Theater. It is HILARIOUS. I’m serious, laugh outloud, gasp ‘omigod’ hysterically funny. You should seek out this book.

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