Cascading Chores

I have all kinds of blogger notes sitting here and I’ve been intending to so some sort of organized update but screw it. I’m just going to type it all out and not worry about it. Title is explained later in this post.

Last week my stupid show Big Brother finally ended. Next year I’m not even going to pretend not to watch the show. I’m just going to watch it and enjoy it and maybe even subscribe to the 24/7 live feeds in the house since I hopefully will have more time to kill since I won’t be writing a worthless screenplay. Actually, that’s not true, I’m going to write another worthless screenplay, but it’s not going to be worthless and it’s not going to interfere with me wasting time on Big Brother. I was relieved that Drew won, although I would have been happier with Jennifer or Diane. But Cowboy’s strategy was based entirely on low braincell count and needing the money wasn’t a good enough reason to win. Making it to the final two was fairly stunning. For a final comment: nice eyebrows, Jace.

Also last week Star Wars came out on DVD and I went to the DVD store to buy it on the first day. The same day a boxed set of John Cassavetes films came out which Bob had his eye on so while in the store I asked about that set as well. Four, no joke, FOUR employees there, all male under the age of 30 had NO IDEA what I was talking about. Zero. How lame is that? I’m not wildly familiar with Cassavetes and admit, I identified him as Nick Cassavetes who is his son although I correctly idenified his wife, super fantastic actress Gena Rowlands. But still, you’d think since they work in the business of selling DVDs that one of them would at least have a crumb of a clue what I was talking about. Back to Star Wars, we had that dead DVD problem so I have not even broken open the box yet. But the first crap weather weekend and I’m a sofa surfing bunny with the entire set.

This past week we also got our last Freaks and Geeks DVD (replacement after the tragic ruin of the last one) and watched the final two episodes. Can you believe in the final episode, Lindsay turns into a Dead Head? Bob practically had tears in his eyes as he said again, “This is the best show ever.”

Also on Friday I started my first of 3 classes of Photoshop bookcamp with Kristl Honda. This is my first class at Clark College after living in Vancouver for how long? I’ve been married 8 years so at least that long. The class is continuing ed and EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. We have 3 4 hour sessions and Kristl just grinds us through all the basics with an emphasis on things the class is interested in. I’ve had Photoshop on my machine and I’ve played with it a little but I’ve never been able to figure out how to do much. Ken also sent me a tutorial and I’ve been playing with this stuff all weekend.

So, the cascading chores. Have you ever started to do one simple chore and found that in order to do it, you need to do this other chore, and if you’re going to be doing that you might as well do this other thing at the same times — so that you originally start out to empty the trash in the bathroom and end up tiling the ceiling by the end of the day? Yes? Then you know what my day was like. I’ve been desperate to vacuum out my car and while I was doing that I decided that I might as well sweep out the garage but in order to do that I needed to move those bags of bark dust and why not just put them in the garden, but first I had to whack back an ugly plant and use a shovel in the planting bed. It was about 4:30pm before I was done with all those things. On the bright side, these are all immediate gratification chores. I can enjoy the improved plant area and nice clean garage and I LOVE when my car is freshly vacuumed. I can’t believe I am mocked for having a nice clean car. As if having a car like a trashcan that smells like week old coffee is the way the world should be.

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