It’s only Sept 3 and already Sinead, Maria De and Brian have had a birthday and I haven’t sent a note to any of them. I’m getting ready for an extra long weekend, including company for a couple of days, and trying to figure out what exactly I want to accomplish. The garden is a must. Criminally neglected. A branch on the apple tree broke — too many apples and then lots of rain and then a big crack and now I’ve got a major project out there. I’ve also got house cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking/baking type things to do. Ideally I’d like to sweep out the garage and clean out the shop. Also vacuum my car. Then a bunch of fun project type things like reading through articles I’ve collected and finishing books in my pile, and maybe doing some ink painting and story writing and working with those Photoshop books. This is the story of my life — coming up with some impossible list of things to accomplish and creating an agitated mental state when they don’t all get done. So I’m trying to go at this reasonably. I forgot to mention also going to the movies: Harry Potter is still at the Kiggins and there are several films in the downtown theater (Hero, Bourne Supremacy) that I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Also we’ve lost a Pyrex. How do you lose something like that? It’s the big one too. The first idea was that we’d made something for a get together and forgotten the pan. Except I can’t think of a get together I went to where I brought that pan. I can’t think of the last thing I made in that pan although I suspect brownies and those were consumed under our roof (didn’t take long either.) The second idea is that it was put in the wrong place. But I’ve looked in every single cupboard in the kitchen and didn’t see it. I’m going to buy another one. Not like it’s a big ticket item and if the other shows up I’m sure we can use it. But where did that pan go?

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