Laser Floyd

Today I went through my last photo download — over 240 photos including about 200 of the Orleans trip. (How cool is digital photography?!?!?!) I finally figured out how to change that HIDEOUS music that iPhoto has for its default and slide-showed (sorry, made up word) the whole kaboodle and wow, I got some fun shots. I have been trying to upgrade my web-skills and you can view my latest efforts here, at the Orleans 04 pages.

I have a couple of good quotes. This morning we met Priscilla, Uncle Marvin and Aunt Margaret for breakfast and Bob met them at the farmers’ market yesterday while I had my writers’ group. (I made a coconut cream pie and hey, I’d like to see Ginger and Maryanne’s recipe — it was a lot of steps and basically heart-attack in a pie pan, but YUMMY.) They got a bunch of seafood at the market and this morning Bob asked Marvin if he ate his oysters raw and Marvin said, “Nope, I don’t eat bait.”

The other quote is from Freaks and Geeks (please, drop whatever you are doing right now and run out and rent these DVDs, you will LOVE them). Nick wanted the freaks to go see Laser Floyd (as in Pink Floyd) at the Laser Dome and he says, “Come on, Laser Floyd isn’t going to be there forever.” Wah!

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