More High Sierra photos. You can view Walker’s photos here (lots!) (you don’t have to register at the site to view) and Matt’s photos are here.

In a related story, iPod (Bob’s) was injured during the HSMF trip and this tragedy was discovered as Bob tried to ready the music for the long drive home. He held it together pretty well which isn’t to say there was some powerful pouting. Luckily, I bought the Apple Care. If you never listen to anything else I write, listen to this: buy Apple Care for your iPod. That way when the iPod breaks, the procedure goes like this: call Apple Care with your problem, the next day DHL drops off shipping materials, follow additional instructions and call DHL, if possible they will immediately pick up iPod (in Bob’s case, about 1/2 hr. later) and transport for fixing. One week later, fixed iPod will be shipped to your front door. Moments later your husband will be happily loading the now bare drive with new music he’s been saving up all week.

And more good new: a new generation of iPods. Is it my turn now?

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