Pen Control

On Thursday I had a list of bloggable items and now I can’t find the list or remember much. I vaguely recall a rant about pens and how there are too many of them and how they gather and breed in our drawers and Bob’s pockets and how I take handfuls to the library sometimes and release them there, hoping to thin the herd. But that doesn’t sound so interesting anymore.

Last Tuesday I read in the paper that the Portland Timbers were going to be playing the San Jose Earthquakes — a MLS team on Wednesday. Willamette Week explains the significance of this here. Being that I’m a big Landon Donovan fan, (remember me getting up at 3am to watch the U.S. defeat Mexico in the World Cup a few years ago?), and since we’ve been talking about going to a Timbers game this summer — I left skidmarks running to the box office to score tickets for this game, which I did. And we had excellent seats and I got to see Donovan play a half. But both teams played great – it was super fun, especially if you were rooting for the Earthquakes.

I’m still coughing from the hippie festival. I’ve spent a lot of time in this chair this weekend working on a writing project and the cough seems worse when I’m here. The open window? Daily incense burning? Psychosomatic avoidance symptom? I need to put in my 15 minutes in the garden so computer is going off.

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