Running Around

I cleaned out my closet yesterday. I desperately need to buy some summer clothes. Too bad I hate shopping and have spent a bunch of money on other things like writing conferences and facials and car repairs and computer carts and very soon, Seattle Opera: Ring tickets. I usually don’t get rid of stuff (clothes) until I have new stuff to replace it but some of the stuff in there was so old and ratty I put it in the recycle bag for Goodwill. I found a skirt I forgot I had and wore it today. It’s a sort of weird cut and a teensy bit awkward fitting but otherwise, it works just fine and will stand in one day a week. On the top shelf I found a box with a pair of shoes that I had no idea existed. I guess I can’t call them running shoes since they’ve never seen any running but I guess they are my old walking shoes that I never tossed. I wore them today to see how worn down they are and I think they need to be chucked and now that I think of it, my current walking shoes could probably stand to be replaced, too.

It’s almost 10pm and I’ve been running around since I got home — watering front and back and catching up on some computer things, tidying up a few things, putting some stuff together for lunch tomorrow. Oh, and in the interest of complete honesty: I watched another Angel. I’m almost done with Season 3 so the craziness will stop soon. I’ve got the France v. Switzerland game on in the background (taped it earlier today) and I run in when I hear something happening. I think there’s one more free game tomorrow and then we go to 3 day delay. I’ll have to check FoxSports and see what the deal is.

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