Car Update

I know, I’ve been meaning to get this updated and haven’t managed to get my act together.

#1 – TOYOTA UPDATE. I take back almost everything bad I said about Toyota. We got my car fixed. I think it is running better and they managed to knock another $100 or so from the estimate so I’m going to just be happy with that.

#2 – Euro2004 (European soccer championships) are going on right now. I could have paid $179 and watched the whole tournament but that seemed a little excessive and I would have felt obligated to watch every single game and I don’t want to be chained to the couch for a month. But FoxSportsWorld is showing 5 games from the first round for free and I think the rest of it on a 3 day delay – which is good enough for me. I watched the France v. Croatia game last night and it was fantastic.

I forget what #3, #4 and possible #5 were … I’ll come back if anything develops.

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