Don’t Block the Cheese

I have been in an advanced negative mood for several days now and when I think about writing here I can only come up with a range of thematically linked rants like about jerkoff entitled SUV drivers on cellphones driving like idiots who don’t even wave politely to say thanks when you award their bad behavior by letting them cut in [these are the same people that back in high school were only your friend when they were copying your homework] or the same folks running around Trader Joe’s with their cellphone headsets gabbing away [“look at me, look at me”] while blocking three quarters of the cheese display and I won’t even get into the national or global stuff. I need to focus my energy on more positive things.

On that note, I’ve been digging around in the yard and I didn’t lose all my dahlias in the big freeze. I’ve found sproutage in all three key dahlia areas. I still haven’t planted my new bulbs — according to the directions I can do it this month. I want to put them on the east (?) side of the backyard but the soil desperately needs to be amended and we have to finish cutting back the hedges. Bob just bought a hedge cutter — after living here 5 years. You can bet those hedges are out of control.

I finally saw Gladiator which I never saw on big screen because of the violence and sheet-howdy. Good call. That was one gory picture. Those ancient Romans sure had nutty ideas about entertainment.

Here’s a Bob story. He took his bike in to get it tuned up and when he went to pick it up, he realized that in the new tuned up condition he couldn’t get the front tire off as easily (or something like that) to get it in the car. So he decides to put it in the trunk and tie the trunk lid down but then he realizes he has nothing to tie it with: no bungees, no rope. What can he use? (how Bob is this?) He ends up finding an old cable from a Zip Drive and it worked like a charm.

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