Photos Posted

I finally have photos of the Germany trip up. (Yes, I know, three months later …)

I also put a couple more winter storm pictures up.

I’m still working on the Logan trip and Bob’s birthday, not to mention several other projects. I took a couple of days off last week to coincide with Bob’s spring break. We figured out that March 25 was ten years from the day we met. We celebrated with King Ludwig champagne (thanks Neuners) and Bob carrot birthday cake (thanks Priscilla).

I remember when I was in college and a woman I worked with at the library, it was her real job, not like a student job, took a week vacation and stayed home and I thought it was appalling. Now I get it. It’s nice to goof around at home. We slept in and watched movies (Pieces of April – excellent!; Intolerable Cruelty – very Coen brothers; and I-Spy – sometimes funny but mostly stupid) and did errands and read papers and magazines and did a little yard work. And Bob worked on his school stuff and I worked on writing stuff. My attitude needed adjusting and this did the trick.

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