Moved In

Got Erin moved in this weekend. Lots of stories to tell and pictures to show but as usual you are at the mercy of the time and energy I want to put into this project. Possibly this week as I am taking a couple days off to hang out with Bob for Spring Break. Erin moved in with a woman named Susanna and Bob asked me if I looked at her CDs because he said that’s how you can tell about a person. I said I never had time to look at her CDs but I did see the DVD of Wilco’s I am Trying to Break your Heart and he said then we know she’s okay.

I actually had another story where I knew she and Erin would get along just fine. Susanna and her sister have 3 cats and Erin asked how they got so many and Susanna said that their next door neighbors were struggling and the daughter was having a baby and children’s services said they couldn’t have so many cats (a momma and kittens) so the neighbors asked Susanna if she wanted the cats and Susanna paid them $25 for the cats. The momma was friendly and the orange one rubbed up against me but the calico was shy and I never got close to it. I told Erin to report how long it took the shy one to glom onto her and she said she watched Alias that night with the calico in her lap.

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