Favorite Envelope

I ordered the first season of Angel from Netflix and I got the first disc last week. It has 4 episodes. I watched the first two on Weds night (no Angel) and finished it yesterday. I wanted more. I even re-watched the first episode with the commentary track. Bob said the next disc might come today and I was chained to the computer with a mandatory time frame before I could get up and I heard the mail through the slot. I almost jumped up but I remembered I promised myself I’d work for that certain amount of time. I worked for a few more minutes and then I leaned back in my chair so that I could see the mail and sure enough, that red envelope that I know and love. I wanted to get up SO BAD. But I didn’t and we’ve got plans tonight (Happy Birthday Bob) so I probably won’t get to start the new disc until tomorrow. TV on DVD is a dangerous thing.

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