How The Fridge Works

Bob was surprised to learn that we had a system for the refrigerator. His “butter” (margarine -gak) was on “my” side so I moved it to his side and then explained what I was doing. “I didn’t know we had sides,” he said. “We’ve had sides forever,” I said, “I’m surprised you never noticed before.” Then I explained: “On the top shelf, you have the left side and I have the right side. On the second shelf you get the meat drawer but I get the sides – left for soy milk and tofu and Baking Chocolate and right side for dried plums, dried apricots, Miso and Tahini. On the third shelf you put your pop on the left, the never opened bottle of champagne goes on the right and the butter and eggs go in the back. The middle is a free zone. On the bottom shelf the back is for my things I don’t use often like rye flour, spare butter and poppy seeds (do they need to be refrigerated?). The rest is for other meat products or vegetables that don’t fit in the vegetable drawers. He thought this was all quite hilarious.

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