A Perfect Day

Bob and I spent the night in Olympia so we could cruise around downtown this morning before heading home. We didn’t have a place in mind for breakfast and were sure if we wandered around something great would pop up. Of course it’s never that easy and we tromped around finding interesting places that were closed and alterna-cafes with colorful awnings and dogs wearing hemp collars tied up out front. We went to the outdoor outfitters sale tent to see if someone could point us to something good and the guy said, “I’m not much of a breakfast person.” We decided to walk up one more block and passed an old van with Yoda on the dashboard. I said, “Look Yoda, it’s a sign.” At the next block we saw a guy leaving a restaurant with a styrofoam container. Bob said, “It was so good he took his extras with him.” The place is called The Urban Onion and we got a great booth in the corner and they poured a delicious cup of coffee. I got huevos and Bob got an omlette with smoked salmon and cream cheese and substituted the potatoes and toast with two pancakes the size of bus tires. After breakfast we went to Orcas books where I bought a large pile of books to go into the stack I’m already too busy to read. A perfect day.

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