We went to Tacoma for Wintergrass yesterday. We ate dinner at Over the Moon Cafe a place we found by accident at Wintergrass 2 years ago and have been looking forward to returning to ever since. We rushed in to catch Sam Bush followed by Barbed Wire Cutters at the church and then went back to the Sheraton and went up and down the stairs between the convention center and the ballroom plus caught Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein at the bar. As per our usual luck, we ended up sitting near obnoxious talking people in the convention center. Why go to a kickass bluegrass festival and then stand in the corner with your friends talking and being squirrely? Also the hot accessory this year was a tiny baby. There were tiny babies everywhere. I have a theory that if you have only 1 tiny baby, other than the sleep deprivation and large satchel of baby-shit you have to haul around, you can pretend that your life still hasn’t changed all that much and you can get out and do the things you used to do. In the ballroom they were trying something new and had the chairs cleared out for dancing. It was only partly successful. There was the requisite hippie guy with dreads wearing a skirt dancing away, the hippie chick doing interpretive dance, 1 or 2 couples doing organized couple dancing and a bunch of grown ups dancing with their kids. No large scale hippie mob groove.

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