Just To Hear A Clip

Here’s another computer thing. Now that I’m ancient and have no idea what the kids are up to these days, I didn’t know what song was OutKast Hey Ya! Didn’t it win song of the year or something? So I went to cdnow to listen to a clip but cdnow is now amazon (grrr) but I wasn’t buying, just listening to a clip and then I get there but I don’t have RealPlayer so I go to download it and do I understand correctly that there is no free Realplayer for OS X? So I said screw that, I’m not paying for software just to hear a clip. Bob told me that I could get the windoze media player for OS X which makes zero sense but I checked it out and it was true so I downloaded that and then I went back and found the clip and then I played it. What a hassle. I’m vaguely familiar with the song but it sounds like a commercial for gum or a car and not like something that I would put on the stereo on purpose.

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