Browser Slut

Something unexpected happened which is: I’ve become a browser slut. I’ve pretty much always used Netscape although I sometimes used Exploder on the iMac for reasons I can’t remember. But the eMac booted up this thing called safari which I fell in love with after about 3 minutes. It’s superfast and easy to use and pretty much my only problem with it is that all my bookmarks are floating around somewhere other than in the bookmarks area. I need to find a URL manager. Meanwhile, liking safari made me start thinking about browsers and I found this article about browsers and later I heard about Firefox on a weblog and downloaded that at the office and then downloaded Camino back at home. So now sometimes I have 2 or 3 browsers going at once and bookmarks all over the place. I like safari a lot but this sidebar bookmark thing in Camino is brilliant.

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