I’m Never Going To Be A Sailor in the 1800’s

I have to resist the urge to complain about how hard it is to get here and type a few things on a regular basis. It takes longer than you might think.

Last week we went to see Elf at the 99th Street Cinema. This theater has a hideously designed traffic pattern, obviously created by a person who wants to punish people in cars. The road that feeds out to the highway is shared with a Walmart plus gas station. Just getting into the place was nuts and there was a gigantic line with a ratio of three children per adult (except us) so I was thinking it was going to be a nightmare. Luckily I was wrong, other than the minor distraction of glowing, phallic lollipops that the two girls next to me were eating, the kids around us were perfect angels and the show was super sweet and funny. My expectations were only medium so it was a nice surprise. Will Farrell is fantastic. I recommend it.

Stormy weekend. We have a tree out front which I have identified as an ornamental cherry and it went from 60 to zero in terms of its leaves over the course of the day. Actually, it seems like most of the neighborhood trees lost all their leaves during that period.

On Sunday we went to see Master & Commander: Far Side of the World. I haven’t read even one of the Patrick O’Brian books and I’d like to someday, but the reading pile is out of control and I don’t see it making in anytime soon. The movie is great, I’m ambivalent on Russell Crowe, don’t love him or hate him, and I loved him in this show and it’s super detailed and I am happy I don’t ever have to be a sailor in the early 1800’s because it looks awful.

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