Like They Were Reading It Off Cards

I went and saw Revolutions on Friday and I’m with the crowd who thought it was pretty lame. I’m not a tough customer for those kinds of movies. I like to be entertained for 2 hours and see some cool stuff. And true, the cool stuff was REALLY cool but the lame stuff was REALLY lame and interfered with the few cool parts and almost all the dialogue was horrible — it sounded like everyone was reading it off cards. Complete the trilogy but then go home and get ready for Return of the King. AND there was a trailer for Troy with Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom in Greek warrior outfits. Ladies, the line forms behind me.

Trilogy Tuesday – Does this mean I’m too late? (Actually, I don’t think I could sit down for that long — but I would sure like to try.)

I’m going to see Donna Tartt next week with Ronnda. I still haven’t read The Little Friend. It’s sitting right here. I started it one night when I had terrible insomnia but I realized it’s not a book I want to read half assed so I saved it for when I can be more fully present with it. I read something about House of Sand and Fog which is coming out as a movie and has been sitting on my shelf forever — that might be my next read.

I spent most of the weekend hunched over the computer or my notebook working on my writing project. I decided to rethink it which means I am tossing most of the 45 or so pages I have — which is fine but I had hoped to finished before Xmas vacation and that’s going to be a stretch now. I’m probably over-thinking the whole idea but ultimately I want to please myself and I need to understand what all is going on between the characters.

Bob and I are both getting tomorrow off. We’re going to do our Xmas shopping and possibly see Mystic River.

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