A Miracle in Hot Drinks

Torani Syrup has Almond Roca flavor. I suggested we try it last week and let me tell you, it’s fantastic. And I try to avoid sweet syrupy things but it’s a miracle in hot drinks.

I did not pick the pumpkins yet. I just tried to find a picture of a Cinderella pumpkin to link to with no luck. Lots of talking about them, no one can add a picture? And people: websites don’t need musical accompaniment. Ever. Back to the pumpkin thing — I’m not sure but I think they will get more red — but I’m not sure at what point it’s too late to bring them in. Freezing? I’m going to leave it another week and see what happens.

I read in the Oregonian that there is a 9 foot sturgeon in the Columbia that you can see at Bonneville Dam. That might be worth the drive.

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