Lost My Way

It was my turn to go at class last night. I lost my way on this latest writing project and I’ve been struggling to get it together. Last Thu night I dreamed that I only had one page to bring to class. I ended up scrapping most of the 25 pages I brought the first time — I only salvaged about 4 pages so I had a lot of work to do this weekend. My strategy was to start typing and stop trying to figure it all out. There were some parts that were seriously undeveloped — but I got a good response and lots of great feedback and I’ve got an idea of how to make it better.

Meanwhile, I’m longing for a weekend where I’m not glued to the computer working on this stuff. I have all kinds of chores and projects that are half done or neglected. I have a pair of pants I bought months ago that need hemming. I have movies to see, books to read. I need to buy a wedding gift.

The warm weather is strange — it feels wrong. I wore a skirt with open-toed shoes yesterday. It’s probably the last time until May.

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