Junky Outfits

I have a zillion scrawled notes here for blogging. I spent the entire weekend working on writing. I’m starting Cynthia’s class again tomorrow and I volunteered to go at the first class. I still hadn’t finished my last project — I just put it in the mail last week. I knew I could do it and I’ve been working on notes and mini-outlines for a couple of weeks. I finalized my outline yesterday morning and today I fixed up the first 13 pages I wrote last weekend and added another 12. A productive day. It seems 100x easier this time and I’m not sure if it’s an easier idea or I have more practice. Probably a combination of both. My first act is a little thin but I like having room to add more later.

I am a week behind on my New York Times magazine. I just read last week’s and there’s a recipe for grilled chocolate sandwiches. It sounded so unnecessary — I saved it. We’ll be trying that this winter.

Bob got Krakatoa: The Day the Earth Exploded. by Simon Winchester unabridged on tape from the library and I kind of groaned because I didn’t know how we’d get through it. I read the review of the book in the NYT and the review scared the crap out of me — I wanted to read the book. We listened to half of the tapes on the way home from Orleans. Over Labor Day we unexpectedly went to the coast for a wedding so we listened to most of the rest and I finished the last couple of tapes last week. It’s an amazing, terrifying story and well written. Winchester is coming to Portland this Fall and I don’t want to miss him.

My last topic is on clothing. I think I say this about every 6 months but I hate everything in my closet. I also hate buying clothes. I’d rather do other things with my money. If I have 4 outfits I have enough for each day of my work week and I can wear any junky outfit at home on the weekends and I do. And of the few clothes I buy, there are a few things that I never wear. Does everyone do this? Buy things they never wear? It’s so embarrassing.

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