You Can’t Rehead Beans

You can’t reheat refried beans in the microwave. It doesn’t work. I try all kinds of tricks like spreading them really thin on the tortilla — but by the time you get them hot enough through and through (you know, not cold in the middle) the tortilla is tough and chewy in the parts where it’s not hard and crispy. I’ve also tried heating them in the plastic container I’ve stored them in (since they are leftovers) and by the time you get them hot enough the plastic container become scarily soft and bendy and is no doubt leaching carcinogenic plastic into your food. Also the beans pop and spray making crusty bits all over the inside that smell like the food center at a mini-mart and are really gross. Generally, I will just go ahead and use a pan on the stovetop but it’s so tempting to keep it easy — I think maybe this time the microwave won’t be so bad.

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