Endless Lingering

The bummer about this bug I have is its endless lingering. I’m coughing and blowing my nose and not feeling all that much better than when I got home on Tuesday afternoon. I’m not hungry. All I’ve eaten is fruit and chicken broth with vegetables. And I’m having a terrible time sleeping. I’m tired but I don’t fall asleep. Fistfuls of homeopathic sleep-aids don’t help. Last night I kept getting up to read but as soon as I read a page or two my eyes would begin to slide shut so I’d put the light out and then lay there. Same thing happens when I try to nap. I’m feeling pretty run down. So much for a weekend of yardwork and errands.

Tonight we’re going to see Nickelcreek. I’m going to guzzle a power drink and hope for the best. I figure since it’s them at least it won’t go on until some unspeakable hour.

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