Not The Car You’re Looking For

Insomnia again. Three nights in a row but it’s been coming and going for several weeks now. On Saturday I could not sleep to save my life. I did a lot of reading — there are few unread periodicals in this house. Time for the books now.

I saw today I finally have a dahlia from the new batch I bought. It’s a generic pink but a nice treat from the zillions of red and yellow ones.

Here’s an article about trolling on the web. I’m the only person I know of who is a regular usenet reader although I never post. The 2 or 3 times I’ve posted on a public bulletin board I’ve gotten bales of weird email so I don’t think it’s worth it. But back to the trolls I can’t understand why people continue to argue with them. It’s so stupid. Is it that important to be right? Is it that important to defend your opinion? It’s just an opinion. Think about it — it doesn’t really mean anything?

I’m completely in love with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Here’s a good, um, guide to the Fab 5.

So this morning on the way to work, when I was stopped at the light at Fourth Plain, I noticed the car in front of me making a hand signal (?) out the window and then again at the rear view mirror. I had no idea what he was up to (broken down white Acura something, disheveled, unshaven 40-ish guy) and figured it had nothing to do with me. When the light changed he crossed the intersection and then pulled into the 5th rate tire store so I assumed he was gesturing to someone there. Moments later I was stopped at a light on Mill Plain and a car pulls up next to me and honks and I look over and there is Acura guy and he says something that I can’t hear and sort of shakes his head and then drives on. What was that all about?

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