For the last several months I’ve been thinking about dropping my Bust subscription but I find a lot of cool stuff there that I don’t see anywhere else so I guess I’m hanging on for another year. This month I learned about Hairpolice Salon for fabulous rock star hair. Another stylist at Hairpisalon gave advice on bangs. I’m sure mine are all wrong and very seventh grade. PanhandleGirl has soaps and body scrubs. This must be a super easy do-it-at-home start up meaning making soaps and stuff because every farmers market has at least 4 stalls with handmade soaps and Bust seems to tout one in every issue. I’m all for smelling good but how much soap does a girl need?

Then there’s Kiki’s Kitsch Corner — in case you’re looking for a styling toilet seat. And now that I’m probably too old to ever get to go to another bachelorette party, here is the perfect source of fun party favors. There also is a hilarious review (scroll down to Glow Job) of this glow in the dark massage lotion that looks like a great gift idea.

Now I’m running late.

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