He Got The Fever

Bob came back from High Sierra and got sick. On Friday we took him to the doctor and he had a 103.5 fever, not a happy person. The doctor who saw him was a complete Doogie Howser, he stuck his head in the door and then had to go back out to answer a question and I looked at Bob and went “Doogie” and we totally laughed. He was very through and competent, but I continue to wonder what happened to all the old doctors? When we were kids all the doctors were old and grey. Where are these doctors now? Yeah, I realize those actual doctors are long retired but in the meantime, shouldn’t there be new old doctors to fill their places? But back to Bob’s illness: he had to get a shot and he’s not at 100% yet but he’s feeling a lot better.

And my face rash update is that it is looking a ton better.

Last Friday I left for the spa at 2:30pm, so the hottest part of the day and I passed one of my neighbors, looking mighty unhealthy I might add, standing outside watering his completely brown lawn. What was he thinking?

Cinderella pumpkin update: last year I saved the seeds from my cinderella pumpkin and it ended up that most of them got moldy and I had to toss them but I managed to save a few and a week ago I took 5 out for planting. I think I should have started this project a couple of months ago but oh well, we’ll see how I do. Meanwhile, I soaked the 5 seeds in a wet papertowel for a couple of days and then put them into a small container on the window sill thinking out of 5 I might get 1 to sprout. Well, all 5 sprouted and it happened fast, one morning I looking in the container and saw the edge of 5 green stems and that evening I could see leaves in the dirt and one day I could practically watch the leaves emerge from the dirt. Erin said to replant them outside right away and she was right. I planted them yesterday and they already had a lot of roots all tangled together.

I went and saw The Whale Rider yesterday and I’d advise you to run, not walk to the nearest theater. Get in the car and drive a ways if you have to. It’s a fantastic movie.

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