Squirrel Logic

I’m weary of all these user names and passwords. Every other website wants you to log in and wants to give you a 12 digit ID number or account number or something and there’s the bank and the credit union and the library. And there’s always some strange parameters that prevents you from keeping it consistent with previous password/user names.

We closed one of our bank accounts this week and opened a new one for reasons which aren’t important to this discussion. But today I cleaned out bank refuse from the cupboards and drawers — something I haven’t done in a long time. I had canceled checks dating back almost 10 years. And I found a stash of about 11 spankin’ new plastic checkbook covers and 4 transaction registers — I’m sure I’ll use all that up in this lifetime. I’m not a major pack rat but I have kept every single check register I’ve ever had. They are interesting historical artifacts and just as fascinating and less cringe-inducing than journals. Years ago I destroyed journals I had dating before college. I wish I didn’t but I understand why I did. The college ones are pretty hideous to have around.

For about the 4th consecutive weekend I spent almost all my spare time writing. My class goes on for another month. Sometimes I love it and can’t wait to do it. Other times I wonder if I’m just wasting my time and/or I feel stupid and/or I feel like bashing my head against the bricks. Also lately I’ve felt a little over-extended, as if I’d taken on another job. I did celebrate the fabulous weather by getting outside and breaking up my garden plot. This made the squirrels crazy. There were about six of them spinning around in the fresh dirt — I suppose I upset their peanut stash. But what is squirrel logic anyway? I see them bury something, then dig something else up and eat it. And one digs up what the other just buried. Our neighbor puts out bushels of nuts–they’re never going to starve.

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