Am I the only person that loathes (won’t even give them the smug satisfaction of a link) It’s all about pop unders and clicking. There is no real information unless you sign up for $30 a year or whatever the price is now. I would possibly pay $10-$12. But the servers are slow and the pages are set up for maximum clickage — life isn’t *that* long. Actually I wouldn’t pay at any price. I don’t pay for web content. I generally won’t registier for web content. And I for sure won’t pay for pop unders.

I went and saw The Hours today. It was between that and About Schmidt. It was a great movie — the acting was incredible but it was heavy. I told Bob I left there and I just wanted to come home and see him and tell him how much I appreciate him. I think I’m having the anti-7 year itch. Instead of looking around I’m grateful to be settled down with him. I don’t think I could live with anyone else.

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