1. It rained all day. Bucket after bucket. We went for a walk in the morning but good thing because that was the last chance. The gutter on the front of the house is screwed up and creating a large gully in my flowerbed.

2. OMSI: We saw Attack of the Clones on IMAX at OMSI. It was so cool I thought I would cry.

3. MINT: We tried a new restaurant in North Portland industrial area (sorta?). I tried a Splash: tequilla, mandarin puree, lemon lime juice and a float of amaretto. I could imagine drinking a bucket of these. We tried a bunch of stuff, I wish I was better at names. I had a spicy soup with lobster broth and mussels and prawns that was fabulous and we shared a dessert of spiced apple flan. It was a fantastic birthday.

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