Crushingly Tedious

Well, starting in on 24 wasn’t such a great idea. All I want to do is glue my butt to the couch and keep watching. I’m doling it out to myself. I watch an episode, then I do something from my list. I just answered back all my snail mail correspondence so now it’s time for another episode.

I’m still coughing and gagging but I got a decent night’s sleep and exercised this morning. I think I’m about 48 hours away from optimum health.

Bob gave me Collected Screenplays 1 by Ethan and Joel Coen for xmas printed by Faber and Faber Ltd in the UK — one of our favorite publishers. The intro by Roderick Jaynes is hilarious (yes, I’m in on the joke). My favorite line is when he describes the explanation of Barton Fink as “crushingly tedious.” You have to read the whole essay to get the full flavor.

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