Pumpkin Processing

Today I cooked the pumpkin. Bob took pictures of me with it in the backyard and then we made of movie of me processing it into pumpkin food. My soup recipe called for 4 cups and my bread recipe called for 1 1/2 cups so I was a little worried that I’d get a least 6 cups out of the thing. Turns out I got about 26 cups. I am set for pumpkin for this lifetime and the next.

The Cinderella pumpkin smelled great inside. Not that gaggy smell of carving pumpkins. It had a sort of honey smell. And it tasted great just cooked — while I was pureeing it — and it took about 7 batches to run it all through — I was licking pumpkin off my fingers and it was yummy.

The soup came out delicious. You saute and then puree onion and ginger and season with cinnamon and nutmeg and lemon zest, there are other ingredients too, broth and milk and tomatoes. I’m making the bread tomorrow. The recipe says 5 hours so I figure it will take me all day. It’s a yeasted bread. Then I’ll make pumpkin scones for the girls next weekend and a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and I’ll still have more pumpkin in the freezer waiting for some other pumpkin thing.

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