My Rage Has Passed

Hi there all you loyal blog readers, and I think there are almost 3 of you, but I’m afraid my postings are going to be even more scarce for awhile. I’m taking this writing class and I need to use my computer time to work on my writing project and not fritter it away on email and newsgroups and blogging — which is a great time suck in case you haven’t noticed. ahem.

I’ve been taking notes and thinking I’d get over here all week except I’d always be getting “five last minutes” in on my project and would run out of time. One thing I wanted to do was a Maddox inspired rant on some entities that were really giving me a major rash last week — those being federal agencies and banks — but my rage has passed and I don’t see how it would advance my position to put all this hostility and bad energy on my blogsite. I’ll just give you the short version which is that a majority of employees of such entities have large logs stuffed up their butts. I do happen to know personally of federal employees who actually give a crap and yay for them. And the people at BofA where we do our business banking are all super nice and friendly but I think some people get a little high on a teensy bit of power and then they don’t want to do anything except tell people that they are wrong and or invent ways to waste time and energy. Or just act like it’s a major imposition when you call and ask for some information. Another tactic at federal agencies is to tell you to call someone else. And that person is out of the office for the rest of the week. And finally they get some intern to call you back and this person is young and confident and heady with power from working at a federal agency and also as clueless as you could possibly be and still be breathing.

I can’t remember if I put anything here about my beautiful pumpkin I got at the farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago. It’s a cinderella pumpkin and so beautiful it should be in a museum. I’m trying to get Bob to take a picture of me with it. I was going to do it this weekend but ran out of time so next weekend I’m going to eat it. We’re going to have pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread and other pumpkin things — depending on how much pumpkin comes out of it when it’s been cooked.

Finally, new Simpsons tonight.

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