Vegetarian 101

I thought there was a big gas war going on in our neighborhood since that new 76 station opened up across from the Arco station. It seemed like every week the Arco station dropped another two cents and then the 76 station dropped another two cents. 76 never meets Arco prices, but it always seems to stay within 2 cents. Last night I noticed Arco dropped down to $1.15 and I thought, wow, this price war should be on the news or something. But I got my oil changed today and on my way back across town I drove by another Arco with $1.15 so at least in Vancouver, Arco has cheap gas.

When I got my hair done last time I looked at Vegetarian Times while I was sitting under the dryer and there were about 4 articles I wanted to read more carefully so I picked one up at the newsstand. It’s amazing (in an irritating way) how organic and soy foods are so heavily marketed now. I thought about subscribing to the magazine because I like a steady flow of new recipes coming in all the time, but this magazine is written as if for 1st graders and people returning from a long trip off planet who have never heard of vegetarians before. And I tried a recipe tonight that said took 30 minutes or less to make and actually took 60 minutes or more to make and I’m not too impressed and not sure we’re even going to eat the leftovers much less try the recipe again.

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